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        Mathieu Joseph Locks in Long-term

        SensChirp July 30, 2022

        On Thursday, while I was off the grid in beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick, Pierre Dorion was hard at work. And he crossed another important item off of his summer To Do list. Mathieu

        Senators Sign Jayce Hawryluk

        SensChirp July 25, 2022

        Something tells me Sens news is going to be pretty hard to come by for the next few weeks so it’s best that we take what we n get around these parts. And what

        Adding a Defenceman Remains a Priority

        SensChirp July 16, 2022

        After the two weeks he’s put together, it’s understandable if Pierre Dorion wanted to take the weekend to tch his breath. Honestly, I think we could all use a little time to reflect. Expectations

        Norris Signs For Eight Years

        SensChirp July 14, 2022

        Let the good times roll! Pierre Dorion is in some kind of zone right now so why not take re of one of the biggest items on his off-season To Do list. Josh Norris

        Senators Sign Claude Giroux

        SensChirp July 13, 2022

        (UPDATE 6:25 PM)- The day started with a Connor Brown rumour and now we finally know the details. Brown is headed to the Washington pitals in exchange for a 2nd round pick in the

        Matt Murray Traded to Toronto

        SensChirp July 11, 2022

        The rumours started swirling on the draft floor, picked up over the weekend, persisted for what felt like an eternity today and now we finally know the details. Matt Murray is headed to the

        Senators Hire Redden as Development Coach

        SensChirp July 11, 2022

        A familiar name is joining the Ottawa Senators on the coaching side of the operation. This morning, the team announced that Wade Redden has been hired as a Development Coach. Redden has 1023 games

        Alex DeBrint Traded to Ottawa

        SensChirp July 6, 2022

        We’re baaaaaaaaaaaack. With a league-rattling move in the hours before the NHL Entry Draft, the Ottawa Senators sent a strong message to the rest of the league and to the fan base. They’re done

        Senators to Buy Out Colin White

        SensChirp July 5, 2022

        And so it begins. With the a busy off-season expected in the Nation’s pital, the Ottawa Senators are finally getting down to business. And it’s with a buyout. Colin White has been placed on

        Senators Hire Ryan Bowness as Assistant GM, Promote Mann

        SensChirp June 30, 2022

        After a couple departures this off season, the Senators desperately needed to add some support to the front office. And this morning, they did just that. And it’s a familiar name. Ryan Bowness has

        Alfredsson Inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

        SensChirp June 27, 2022

        Finally. The Hockey Hall of Fame got it right. The most important player in the history of the Ottawa Senators has finally got that long-awaited ll. In his fifth year of eligibility, Daniel Alfredsson

        The LeBreton Dream Lives On

        SensChirp June 23, 2022

        Later today, in one of those dreadfully awkward hybrid meetings, the Ottawa Senators will take another huge step towards a downtown arena. The National pital Commission Board of Directors will meet this morning for